Consultation services we provide

Our team of experts consists of experienced and globally recognized academics in the field electrical engineering and power electronics. The experiences of our expert team members goes beyond DESC GmbH’s founding years beginning from the 1960s onward.

Our consultation team can provide you with in-depth analyzation of your equipment and consult you on various matters including equipment life management etc.

How we work

  • 1. First contact

    After the first contact, the consultation case will be briefly described to our experts by the customer.

  • 2. Creating an offer

    Based on the consultation request, an offer will be created and sent to the customer for review.

  • 3. Inspection and analysis

    In this stage, the matter of consultation will be inspected and analyzed by our experts. The gathered information will be discussed between our specialists and deliberate care will be taken to ensure that accurate and scientific results are generated.

  • 4. Presenting the results

    The results are presented to the customer and open questions the customer might be having are thoroughly answered.